The WAS-H classroom is now open for select classes and workshops. The class schedule will indicate whether the courses are on-line or in-person. While the WAS-H office is open during regular WAS-H hours (Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 3 pm), the on-site Gallery is not open.

Signature and Elite Signature* Status are honors bestowed to those artists who have been selected for participation in the Watercolor Art Society-Houston's International Exhibition for multiple exhibition years. In addition to the certification and pin presented at the annual awards ceremony, each signature artist may add the designation WAS-H to their professional competencies. Signature and Elite Signature status is defined by the WAS-H By-Laws. Signature Members have exhibited their work in three WAS-H International Exhibitions, and Elite Signature Members have exhibited their work in five WAS-H International Exhibitions. Members are required to be active and current in their dues at their time of acceptance in the show. Signature membership is assigned following the International Exhibition each March.

Angie Adlerz

Ruby Allen*

Ron Anderson

Wilmer Anderson*

Mary Lou Andrews

Kirby Attwell*

Robin Avery*

Del Azios

Wm. Kelly Bailey

Dick Barlow

Liduine Bekman*

Tanna Bennett

Judi Betts*

Mohammad Ali Bhatti*

David M. Blackwell

Margaret Scott Bock*

Irene Bolitho

Connie Bosworth*

Marcia Boone*

Becky Brocato

David Bridges*

Jody Henderer Burns*

Dottie Burton*

Martin Butler

Sam Caldwell*

Sylvia Cameron

Anita Cannon*

Isobel Capp

Mark Cardoza*

Mary Jane Carpenter*

Linda Haag Carter

Cleo Ceeney*

Jane Chamberlain

Barbara J. Clay*

Judi Coffey*

Lee Cohen

Pat Conroy*

Natalie Barrett Cook

Marguerite Costigan

Mary Jane Cox*

Lynne Crawford

Julius Danziger*

Barbara O'Neal Davis

Dorothy B. Dileo

Pat Dispenziere

Helen C. Dodd*

Alma O'Donnelly

Lucija Dragovan

Kathleen Durdin*

Karen Dwyer*

Don Edelman

Eddie Edwards

Toni Elkins*

Sy Ellens*

Peihong Endris

William B. Epps Jr.*

Ann Erard*

Cheryl Evans*

Patrick Faile

Carol H. Fairlie*

Eldon Faries*

Gerry Finch*

Robbie Fitzpatrick*

Carla Gauthier*

Hunter George*

Antoaneta Georgieva

Frank Gerrietts*

Susan Giannantonio

Kim Granhaug*

Ann Gillaspy*

Caroline Graham*

Anna Griffith

Nancy Grob*

Sirun Guan

Lillian Gunderlach*

Deborah Hagemeyer*

Marsha Harris*

Ann Hartley*

Jeanne Heise*

Diane Henderson

Hailey Herrera

Elizabeth Hill*

Peggy Hoekman

Bonnie Hubly

Joan Hughes*

Charlotte G. Huntley*

Deborah Hutchinson

John James

Linda Jarnagin*

Anne Lamkin Kinder*

Sarah Kitigawa*

Karen Knutson

Tamara Kontrimas

Margaret Kranking*

Nellie Kress*

Sally Kullman*

Marilyn Lacey*

Suzanne Leatherwood

Jan Ledbetter*

Jackie Liddell*

Karen Lindeman*

Annell Livingston

May Lu*

Mary Ann Lucas*

David Maloney*

Rosemary Massey*

David Maxwell*

Mike Mazer

Laurin McCracken*

Les McDonald, Jr.*

Jan McNeill

Eileen Mueller Neill*

Jean McTaggert

Mary Lou Metcalf

Cuauhtemoc Murphy

Thuy Nguyen*

R. Mike Nichols

Mary Basye Nicklow

William B. Owens

Sally Padgett*

Gay Paratore*

Debbie Lee Parmley*

Monika Pate*

Reva Power

Kris Preslan

Cheryl Presswood

Carolyn H. Puhalski

Song Qin*

Mary Quiros

Ruth Hill Radcliffe

Cookie O. Rees

Cynthia Reid*

Kay Ellis Rekoff

Kay Reynolds

Leatrice Joy Richardson

April M Rimpo*

Odette Ruben*

Jeanne Ruchti*

Joy Rumscheidt

M.F. Rutherford*

Nance Scanland

Sandra Schafer*

A.J. Schexnayder*

Dale A. Schmidt*

Cathy Schuster

Jerry V. Seagle

Mabel J. Sellers*

Irene Sheytman

Jan Shrader

Duncan Simmons*

Carol Slobin*

Kay Smith*

Kristine Smith

Stanley S. Smith*

Natalie Smythe*

Jean Sommer

Larry Spitzberg

Erik T. Sproghe*

Brandee Standley

Carol Staub*

Shirley Sterling*

Kay Stern*

Mark Stewart*

Shirley Stronach

Ann Stoudenmire

Linda Darke Swaynos

Donald Taylor*

Susenne Telage*

Judith Thomsen*

Linda Tibolla*

Anne Treadwell

Joyce Troegel*

Janet Trotter

Margot Vance*

Linda Vanek

Lynn Venier*

Karen Vernon*

Carol Watson

Gale Webb*

Sally Webster*

Daniela Werneck*

Mary Wilbanks*

Stephanie Williams

Vicky Williamson

Theresa Wilson*

Tommie Wilson*

Cheryl Wooten*

Jerry Wray*

Keiko Yasuoka*

Kathleen Zann Issacson

Al Zeries*

Del Zimmerman*

Jun Zhu

Signature membership is assigned following the International Exhibition each March.

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